COVID 19 – Summary of dispositions to
safeguard personnel health and safety

1 Introduction

On the 11th of March 2020, the General Manager of the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that COVID-19 can be classified as pandemic. The situation is rapidly worsening in all countries of the world except China, which is detecting a significant decrease in the number of infections thanks to the important containment measures adopted in the previous months.

2 Preventive and protective measures adopted by TIV Valves

Since the beginning of the emergency, TIV Valves, as part of Pietro Fiorentini Group, has been in constant contact with civil authorities and health inspectors and has put in place actions, to protect the health of its employees and visitors and the safety of workplaces, as detailed below.

2.1 Internal communications to employees

Since the beginning of the emergency, we have released communications through internal billboards informing all the employees about the measures taken to protect their safety and the operating restrictions above mentioned. The content of each communication has been structured to reduce the alarm level and at the same time invite employees to continue with the greatest possible serenity in their work activities.

2.2 External communications to clients

We sent official communications to customers to keep them informed about the emergency situation, impacts of COVID-19 and internal safety measures to safeguard the health of all personnel and the hygiene of workplaces, with the aim of reducing risks and, at the same time, to allow to go on with the ordinary work thus ensuring the fulfillments of orders.
This communication campaign is on-going and our clients are constantly informed on the overall situation and its evolution

2.3 Monitoring of the supply chain

Status of supplies and deliveries is constantly monitored, as well as the supply chain, to verify that suppliers are able to guarantee the supply of materials needed for the continuation of production cycles.

2.4 Working hours and SMART working

From March 11th, working hours and personnel presence at TIV facilities is reduced to 6 hours per day for 6 days.
Starting from May 25th, working hours are gradually restored to 8 par day, starting from production personnel.
Furthermore, SMART working for personnel not directly involved with production activities is in place.

2.5 Protective mask and gloves

Protective masks and gloves are daily distributed to all personnel working both in office and workshop areas. This protective equipment shall be worn for the whole working shift.

2.6 Sanitation

A daily environmental sanitation is performed before each shift, covering all facility area (office, workshop, lookers), desks, production and handling equipment.
Company cars and vans are equipped with sanitation kit to be used every time by involved personnel.

2.7 Lunch break

From March 11th, Company canteen has been currently closed, and lunch breaks are not foreseen. Personnel is strongly recommended to directly go home after the work.
As of May 25th, and gradual restoration of 8 worked hours, canteen was open with

  • Layout to guarantee safe distance between people
  • Installation of plex-glass barrier to prevent potential virus diffusion
  • Planning of more lunch break shifts
  • Canteen sanitation after every lunch break shift
  •  Defining instructions for food identification and proper storage and conservation
2.8 Break areas

From March 11th, all break areas as well as vending machines were not accessible and turned off.
As of May 25th, vending machines have been restored with the following instructions:

  • No more than 1 person at the machine
  • Delimitation of an area to drink/eat to guarantee safety room between people
2.9 Working break

Personnel may have working break provided that safety room of 1 meter is always kept.

2.10 Locker rooms

Locker rooms remain open with a maximum access of 4 people at the same time, as long as they are equipped with a mask for the entire stay.

2.11 Travels and meeting

All travels, internal or international are suspended. Meeting with Clients, Suppliers or colleagues shall be performed remotely, through Microsoft Teams, phone etc.

2.12 External visitors

Visits from people outside the Company (suppliers, clients, contractors, consultants, carriers, etc.) have been limited to situations which can’t be postponed or cannot be managed in any other way. In any case visitors are allowed to enter the Company provided that temperature check is passed (below 37° C) and protective mask is worn.

2.13 Health check

At the beginning of working shift, internal checks for TIV personnel are carried through body temperature self-detection, without processing of any personal data by the Company.
A report on main risk factor is delivered to all external visitors and their body temperature is measured.
For both categories, a detection of the temperature above 37 degrees causes the immediate exit from the company offices.

2.14 Health recommendations

All TIV personnel is recommended to monitor temperature before leaving home. In case of temperature above 37° C or symptoms like cough, cold, bone pain, they shall stay home and contact Doctor.

2.15 Pregnancy

Pregnant women are recommended to contact their direct responsible manager to evaluate possible measures to be taken.

2.16 Smoking prohibition

Smoking is prohibited within the company perimeter and all smoking areas remain closed to avoid mask wear off and potential people aggregation.

2.17 Previous pathologies

Workers with immune-depressive or chronic diseases are reminded to contact their doctor or treating specialist before returning to the company.

2.18 Education & Training

Training activities, both mandatory and optional, remain suspended until further communication. For some courses, remote e-learning methods will soon be activated.

2.19 Other recommendations

It is recommended to ventilate the rooms (meeting rooms, offices, etc.) at least every 30 minutes.
It is recommended to avoid using public transport and car sharing as much as possible.
It is recommended to follow scrupulously, both in the company and at home, the hygienic precautions against respiratory diseases issued by the Ministry of Health.

2.20 Potential risk notification

All who have had contact with people with Coronavirus in the last 14 days must immediately inform the Company, stay at home and get in touch with the family doctor to be instructed on the procedures to follow. This rule is extremely important to protect the health of
colleagues and the entire community, as well as business continuity and the security of hundreds of jobs. Any violation of this directive will be reported to competent authorities.

3 Final comments

We believe that the measures adopted can reduce the risks for all TIV employees, allowing us to continue with normal activities with more tranquility. Our offices are in close contact with civil authorities and health inspectors, so that all potentially risky situations will be managed on time.